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How to create a Vintage Style Necklace

Create vintage necklace

Learn how to make a vintage style necklace with JewelleryMaker.

This necklace would be the perfect accessory to compliment a Gatsby look or add personality to any LBD. Pearls instantly add sophistication and glamour to any neckline. They are also connected to so much history in Greece and Ancient Rome as they are one of the oldest gemstones dating back more than 5000 years. Why not follow our step-by-step instructions and create this beautiful vintage inspired piece for yourself. Share your final images with us via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we would love to see how you style your piece.


Step One

Thread 2 shell pearls on to a eye pin, bend the end to a right angle and cut to 1cm. place round nose pliers at the end of the 1cm and roll back towards you to form a neat loop.


Step Two

Repeat step 1 but before the loop is completely closed, add the first link on and fully close.


Step Three

Repeat these steps until you have 4 double pearl sections linked together. This will make a rosary link. You will need to make another 3 of these.


Step Four

Connect one of the double pearl rosary links between two of the flower connectors using jump rings. Attach another double pearl rosary link between the two connectors using jump rings to add them to the points below the ones previously used.


Step Five

Thread one shell pearl drop onto the head pin, bend the end of the head pin over to form a right angle and cut to 1cm. Using round nose pliers, roll the end back over towards yourself to form a neat loop. Find the bottom middle two points on the connector, attach one jump ring to each. Connect the two together with another jump ring and before closing it place on the pearl drop.


Step Six

Using jump rings, attach the other two double pearl rosary links to the opposite points on the connector. Then connect the third connector to the end of these links with jump rings.


Step Seven

Take one of the lengths of chain and attach to the top point of the first connector with a jump ring. Using another jump ring attach the round of the toggle clasp to the other end of the chain. Repeat this on the third connector using the bar of the clasp this time.


Step Eight

Using eye pins make another rosary link as in steps 1 & 2, this time use one shell pearl on each eye pin. Repeat this until you have a rosary link of 22 pearls.


Step Nine

To finish, attach this rosary to the first and third connector with a jump ring, attaching it to the next point below the other links.

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