Skill Level: Beginner


How to create a Three Strand Weave Necklace

Three Strand Weave Necklace

Step One

Holding all three threads together at one end feed on a crimp bead and a jumpring, fold the threads over and back through the crimp bead.

Step Two

Secure with crimping pliers making sure you use the groove with the 'tooth' first to create a dent in the crimp, then turn the crimp 90° and squash it again with the second groove. Trim off any excess thread.

Step Three

Pass all three threads through a 5mm bead, then add one of each of the other sizes onto each of the threads.

Step Four

Now bring together the threads with the 10mm and 4mm beads on, and feed both through a 5mm bead. Then pass all three threads through a spacer bead to create your first section

Step Five

Make another 12 complete sections by repeating steps three and four from the point where you add one of each of the 12mm, 10mm and 4mm beads to the three threads.

Step Six

When you get to your last (13th) section, instead of adding the final spacer bead, pass all three threads through the last 5mm bead.

Step Seven

Using a crimp bead attach a jumpring to the end of your necklace as per steps one and two.

Step Eight

Add a toggle clasp to the jumprings at either end of the piece to complete your three strand weave necklace.

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