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How to create a summer sunset necklace

Learn how to make a summer sunset necklace with JewelleryMaker.

If you want to add some colour to your outfit, create this necklace using vibrant Shell Pearls with Rose Gold coloured details to brighten up any stylish look. Perfect with a maxi dress or wear with a casual look to add a pop of colour. With these easy to follow instructions and the supporting images we will help you create an instant conversation piece. Switch up the colours and the wire to make this look unique to you and don’t forget to take a photo of your completed piece and share it with us via our social media, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Step One

Cut a length of beading thread (aprox ½ meter) add on a crimp bead, one end of the toggle clasp, then pass the thread back through the crimp bead. Pull the thread to form a small loop and crimp.

Step Two

Thread on one blue shell square bead, one spacer bead, one orange shell square bead and so on until you have eleven squares ending in a blue square.

Step Three

Place on a crimp bead then a small jump ring, and pass the thread back through the crimp, pull to form a small loop and crimp.

Step Four

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 using the other end of the clasp, to create the other side of the necklace.

Step Five

With the length of wire, wrap around your fingers to make an oval shape. Twist one end round to create a round shape. Repeat the other end, you may need a double twist depending on the look you require as each time the pendant will be different. Curve the edges up slightly.

Step Six

Open one of the large jump rings and place through one side of the wire pendant and attach to the small jump ring on one side of the necklace. Repeat this process for the other side of the pendant.

Step Seven

Finish off the necklace by adding crimp covers over the crimp beads for a neater look.

Create a summer sunset necklace
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