Skill Level: Beginner


How to create stud style earrings

stud style earrings

Step One

Put the 7cm length of wire through the bead leaving a 3cm at on end.

Step Two

Push the 3cm length against the bead until it points downwards.

Step Three

With the chain nose pliers grab the 3cm length at the centre point of the bead and bend to a 90 degree angle creating the post that goes through the ear piercing.

Step Four

Push the longer length of the wire against the bead using the bead as a guide and wrap 2 or 3 times around the bead.

Step Five

Snip the excess wire from around the wrapped bead and the post end making it the desired length to go through the ear.

Step Six

Use the wire rounding tool or file to file the end of the post end tidying up any sharp edges. Add the butterfly back. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to complete a pair of stud earrings.

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