Skill Level: Beginner


How to create sapphire cascade earrings

Sapphire Cascade Earrings

Step One A

Cut the Silver Heart Chain into sections so that you have the following:
2 x 15 link sections
2 x 14 link sections
2 x 13 link sections
2 x 12 link sections
2 x 11 link sections
2 x 10 link sections
2 x 9 link sections
2 x 8 link sections
2 x 7 link sections
2 x 6 link sections

Step One B

Separate each pair and line them up on the table so you have two graduated 'fan' shapes.

Step Two

Take a featherweight head pin and thread on a Sapphire Rondelle, then a Silver Stardust Spacer and another Sapphire Rondelle then using the wrapped loop technique attach it to the end of one of your chain sections.

Step Three

Repeat step 3 until all of your chain sections have wrapped loops attached. I have chosen to alternate between light and dark Sapphires but you can do them all the same colour if you prefer.

Step Four

Open a Jump ring and starting with the 15 link piece, thread on all of the chain sections from one of your graduated fan arrangements in the same order that they are on the table.

Step Five

Add on a Shepherds Hook Earring Finding and then close the jump ring to complete the Cascade. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to make the second earring making sure the longest chain length of each earring hangs in the centre of the pair.

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