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How to create a rainbow necklace

Create a rainbow necklace

Learn how to make a Rainbow Necklace with JewelleryMaker.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a vibrant rainbow style necklace inspired by JM colours! We’re feeling energised after having an entire week of celebrating our 7th birthday and wanted to create something to mark the occasion! Using the bubble necklace technique that we have used before you could create something perfect for summertime! This necklace will make a statement and become an instant conversation starter every time you wear it. Don’t for get to share your final pieces with us via social media by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Step One

Take approx 45cms of chain and the open jump rings and add each end of the toggle clasp to the chain and close the jump rings.


Step Two

Add a bead to a headpin and hold the tip of the round nose pliers on top of the bead and push the headpin away from you at a right angle.


Step Three

Reposition the pliers on the headpin to face towards you, bend the headpin over the top prong of the pliers back towards you.


Step Four

Remove pliers and reposition the bottom prong in the loop created and bend the headpin around to form a loop.


Step Five

Hook the the bead on the headpin onto a link Approx 12cms from one end of the chain.


Step Six

Take the round nose pliers and grip across the loop created and hold firmly. Wrap the headpin above the bead two full wraps and trim off the excess wire.


Step Seven

Repeat steps two to seven adding all of the beads in colour blocks of approx 3cm sections to form a rainbow style necklace.

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