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How to create a Pearl And Swarovski Necklace

Create a simple macrame bracelet

Learn how to make a Pearl and Swarovski Necklace.

Create something elegant and iconic that you can cherish for a lifetime. This necklace would complement any outfit, imagine the sparkle and shine it would add to an LBD. Pearls are known for being a staple wedding essential and combining Swarovski bicones adds instant glamour to the necklace. The design inspiration for this piece came from the vision of a mother of the bride this piece was made for a woman of importance. Don’t forget to share your final piece with us via social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Take an 80cm length of beading thread, add on a crimp bead then pass through a 5mm jump ring, thread back through the crimp bead, pull to form a small loop and crimp. Add a crimp cover then trim the end of the thread.


Step Two

Starting and finishing with shell pearls, thread on a 4mm shell pearl, 4mm Swarovski bicone, 4mm shell pearl until you have 39 pearls in total.


Step Three

Thread on a crimp bead, pass through a 5mm jump ring , back through the crimp, pull to form a small loop and crimp. Add a crimp cover and trim the thread. Set strand aside for later.


Step Four

Cut 14 x 8cm lengths of wire.


Step Five

Take a piece of wire and form a wrapped loop at one end.


Step Six

Thread on 1 x 6mm Swarovski bicone 1 x 6mm shell pearl, 1 x 6mm Swarovski bicone. Make another wrapped loop at the end. Repeat this to make 14 sections.


Step Seven

Using the 5mm jump rings attach all the sections together, add a jump ring to the 1st and last loop aswell. Set strand aside for later.


Step Eight

To make the third strand repeat the method in steps 1-3 but using the following threading sequence. Starting and finishing with the shell pearl; 3 x 10mm shell pearl 1 x 8mm Swarovski bicone, 3 x 10mm shell pearl.... and so on until you have 39 shell pearls in total threaded.


Step Nine

To complete the necklace; Once all 3 strands are made, open one of the 7mm jump rings, add on the end of the 3 strands in ascending order and the round of the toggle clasp. Do the same at the other end keeping the same order.

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