Skill Level: Beginner


How to create nugget drop earrings

You Will Need:

nugget drop earrings

Step One

Cut two lengths of chain to a length slightly shorter than the finished drop that you require. Attach to the Shepherd Hook.

Step Two

Cut a piece of 0.4mm wire approx 4 inches long, and thread the wire through a gemstone, starting with the longest or largest stone that you have. Fold the wire so the ends are touching and use flat nose pliers to hold the ends together while you gently turn the gemstone to form a wire twist.

Step Three

Loop the wire through the bottom chain taking the gemstone as close as possible to the chain, but leaving a small gap between the stone and the chain link so you have room to wrap the wire to secure it.

Step Four

Hold the end of the chain in your right hand pinching the end of the folded wire against your finger and thumb. Use your left hand to wrap the end of the wire around itself, until you have reached the head of the stone and wrapped around the top of the gem a couple of times. Trim excess end of the wire using flush cutter pliers and finishing at the back of the gemstone. Repeat this step for the other earring.

Step Five

Repeat this process up the chain with the remaining gems, attaching gemstones a few links higher each time and graduating the size of each stone to get smaller as you work your way up the chain. A gap of two to four links between each stone gives the best effect depending on the size of the stone, as does alternating the placement of each stone to the left or right of each link which will give a natural waterfall drop effect.

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