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How to create Multi-functional Pearl Jewellery

Learn how to make multi-functional pearl jewellery with JewelleryMaker.

Follow these step by step instructions to create a statement Pearl Necklace, with a Bracelet to match. In Greece, they are known for holding Pearls at high regard because of their beauty and association with love and marriage. They used this June birthstone to symbolise and promote marital bliss and were traditionally know to prevent the bride from crying on her wedding day. This is where the custom of giving Pearls to a bride came from. If you’re attending a wedding this Bridal season, this piece will make the perfect addition to your wedding attire and truly make a statement. We can’t wait to see your interpretations of this, so be sure to share your versions with us via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step One

Using your whole beading tray, set out the 5 x 20mm Peal coins so that they sit equidistant to each other with one in the centre and two either side of it.

Step Two

Pick out 6 large Pearls of approximately the same size (e.g. 10mm) and space them out in a symmetrical pattern on the middle of the three grooves of the beading tray.

Step Three

Pick out 9 more large pearls of a similar size and space them out in a symmetrical pattern on the smallest groove on the bead tray, with one central pearl and 4 on either side.

Step Four

Put a 3mm silver seed bead either side of all the pearls on the bead tray - this highlights them as feature beads and keeps your design balanced.

Step Five

Randomly select Pearls of all shapes, sizes and colours and fill in all the gaps between your feature pearls on the bead tray.

Step Six

Cut a 30 inch length of beading thread, feed on a crimp bead and a jump ring then bend the end of th thread over and back down into the crimp. Secure the crimp in place with crimping pliers and trim off any excess thread. Hide the crimp with a crimp cover for a neater finish.

Step Seven

Thread on all the beads from the outer groove of the bead tray, this will be the largest strand of the necklace. Finish this section with a crimp bead and jump ring as per step 6. Add a bolt ring clasp to the jum ring (this could now be worn as a necklace in its own right).

Step Eight

Repeat steps 6 and 7 using new pieces of beading thread and the pearls from the other two grooves of the bead tray. You should now have 3 stand alone necklaces of different lengths.

Step Nine

Select 7 large pearls and 8 smaller ones and alternate them along the top groove of your bead tray, now add a silver seed bead between every Pearl (This will make an approx 7" bracelet so you may want to add more to the pattern for a larger size).

Step Ten

Cut a piece of beading thread approximately 10 inches long. Secure a jump ring to one end using a crimp bead and cover, then feed on all the beads/pearls on the board. When the bracelet is the desired length secure it with another crimp bead, jump ring and crimp cover. Add a bolt ring clasp to the final jump ring.

Step Eleven

Now place all of the pieces down on a table together so the bracelet is at the top and the three necklaces sit below it in graduating order. Clip them all together using the bolt ring clasps for your finished multi strand necklace.


Try experimenting with your design, you could wrap a longer strand around your wrist a few times for a multi layer bracelet or clip them all together in one long line and wear it as a 1920's style flapper girl necklace.

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