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How to create a chainmaille helms weave bracelet

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Learn how to make a chainmaille helms weave bracelet.

Chainmaille is derived from "maille", a French word meaning mesh or net. With this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to make a Helms weave Chainmaille bracelet. By using a selection of sizes and different coloured jump rings, you can create some beautiful illusions and patterns. In this particular tutorial, we have used 9mm, 6mm and 4mm jump rings in silver and blue! Alternate colours in different combinations to produce something unique for you and each of your friends. To finish off the jewellery, we have used a toggle clasps to make putting on and removing the bracelet quick and convenient. Try and make your own version and don’t forget to share your final designs with us via our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Step One

Prepare your jump rings before you start by opening 32 6mm jump rings and 15 blue 9mm jump rings. 32 9mm jump rings need to be closed. Using a silver plated 6mm open jump ring add 4 silver plated 9mm closed jump rings.


Step Two

Add another silver plated 6mm jump ring through the 4 closed 9mm jump rings making a 2 in 2 connection.


Step Three

Add a length of wire to one end to hold onto.


Step Four

Pass an open blue 9mm jump ring in between the first 2 silver plated 9mm jump rings surrounding the 2 x 6mm jump rings, let the 2 loose 9mm jump rings fall either side then close the blue jump ring.


Step Five

Take an open s/p 6mm jump ring and add 2 closed s/p 9mm jump rings then add to the 2 loose 9mm jump rings on the chain and close the 6mm jump ring.


Step Six

Double up with another 6mm jump ring through all 9mm jump rings and close.


Step Seven

As in step 4 pass a blue 9mm jump ring in between the 2 s/p 9mm jump rings surrounding the 2 s/p 6mm jump rings.


Step Eight

Repeat steps 5 through 7 adding jump rings in this way until your bracelet measures approx 6½ to 6¾ inches or 17 to 18cms.


Step Nine

Use 1 s/p 4mm jump ring to add the ring side of the clasp and 2 or 3 x 4mm jump rings to add the bar side of the clasp. This allows the bar to pass through the ring with ease.

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