Skill Level: Beginner


How to create Flower Drop Earrings

Flower Drop Earrings

Step One

Thread a Flower shaped bead on to a Headpin, using the Round Nose Pliers clamp hold of the pin directly above the bead and fold the pin over at a right angle with your finger.

Step Two

Turn the pliers up the other way and with your fingers bring the end of the Headpin up and over the jaw of the pliers to form a loop.

Step Three

Wrap the tail of the Headpin around the base of the loop and trim off any excess with the cutters.

Step Four

Take another Headpin and cut the ball off the end, then using Round Nose Pliers make a loop at one end.

Step Five

Thread on a 5mm bead followed by a silver spacer and another 5mm bead. Trim the Headpin so there is about 1cm of wire protruding from the end bead, then using Round Nose Pliers make another loop.

Step Six

Open the loop on the three bead section and connect your flower bead to it before closing the loop again.

Step Seven

Open the loop on the other end of the three bead section and add on a Shepherds Hook before closing the loop.

Step Eight

Repeat steps 1 - 7 to make the matching earring.

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