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How to create Figure of Eight Earrings.

Create Figure of Eight Earrings

Learn how to make figure of eight earrings.

Create something that you will cherish for a lifetime today with JewelleryMaker. If you are new to making jewellery this tutorial is perfect for you, not only are these earrings easy to make they are so elegant and sophisticated that no one will ever believe that you didn’t purchase these from an exclusive jewellery boutique. Pearls have been named throughout history for the link they have with Weddings, good luck and beauty. This style of earring is also perfect for a special bride, the Swarovski detail gives the earrings just enough sparkle to make her feel special. Share your designs with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Step One

Working from the reel of the wire, run the straightening pliers a few times down the length of the wire and cut 2 x 7cms lengths. Using the tip of round nose pliers make a small loop.


Step Two

Make another loop on the other end making sure it loops in the opposite direction.


Step Three

Using the bail nose pliers using the 7mm prong, make sure the loop is pointing in the opposite direction to the way you are bending, push the wire around the pliers making a hook shape.


Step Four

Making sure you place the bail pliers on the opposite side of the loop you have previously made and push the wire to make the opposite hook making a figure of eight shape. Use the flat nose pliers to adjust and straighten up.


Step Five

Add a pearl and a 4mm Swarovski round to a head pin, push down on the wire where it exits out from the Swarovski making a right angle and with the round nose pliers make a basic loop.


Step Six

Add the pearl element to one hook shape and a shepherd hook to the other to complete the earring. Repeat steps one to six to make the other earring .

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