Skill Level: Beginner


How to create Chandelier Earrings

chandelier earrings

Step One

Cut the ball off the end of a normal Headpin and make a loop at either end.

Step Two

Using the tip of your Round Nose Pliers clamp hold of the centre of the Headpin and push both ends up together, overlap them to create the central loop for your three loop connector.

Step Three

Cut the chain so you have 10 x 3 link sections

Step Four

Select your chosen gemstones and thread them onto 6 of the featherweight headpins, then secure each one to a 3 link piece of chain with a wrapped loop

Step Five

Open the outer loop of your connector and thread one of the dangles down so that it sits in the centre loop of the connector

Step Six

Now thread a 3 link piece of chain followed by another dangle to the open loop of the connector and repeat on the other side.

Step Seven

Attach a Jumpring through the last link of both of the chains, and add a Shepherds Hook to the Jumpring

Step Eight

Make another smaller wrapped loop with a featherweight Headpin and secure it to the Jumpring in between both pieces of chain.

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