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How to create bridal Bubble Earrings

Create bridal cluster earrings

Learn how to make bridal bubble earrings with JewelleryMaker.

Create beautiful Pearl bubble style bridal earrings with that special bride in mind using JewelleryMaker’s hints & tips. We’ve also included mystical Swarovski Bicones and beautiful Star Dust Beads to add some sparkle and shine to the look. You could also use different coloured Pearls to create pairs for bridesmaids. Pearls are known for being an integral part of bridal jewellery as in Greece, the tradition of giving a bride pearls started because they believed that Pearls would promote marital bliss and prevent the bride from crying on the wedding day. We can’t wait to see your version of this design, share your makes with us via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


Step One

Attach a 3cm length of chain to the shepherd hook finding by opening the loop towards you with the flat nose pliers.


Step Two

Pop a large pearl onto a headpin and using the wrapped loop technique add the pearl to the end of the chain.


Step Three

Prepare your mix of pearls, stardust beads and Swarovski bicone's on headpins as in the picture. Note that the larger beads are at the top and the smaller pearls and Swarovski bicone beads towards the bottom. This is the order to add them to the chain.


Step Four

Using the wrapped loop technique, add the mix of beads to the length of chain as set out in step 3 keep holding them up and check how they hang, filling in gaps where you think the beads need to be and using the smaller sizes as you work down towards the bottom of the chain creating a vine like effect Repeat all the steps to make another earring

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