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How to create a Bohemian Bridal Bracelet.

Create Bohemian Bridal Bracelet

Learn how to make a Bohemian Bridal Bracelet with JewelleryMaker.

Create this bohemian style bracelet using these simple step-by-step instructions from Every bride wants to feel special on her wedding day and having unique accessories is an important part of that. We’ve used Pearls to create this beautiful bracelet as they are attached with so much history surrounding weddings and they are connected to so many elegant figures, past and present. In Ancient Rome, they believed that Pearls were a sign of social status and a luxurious life, they also believed that Pearls would promote a long and healthy life. Don’t forget to share your final designs with us via social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Note:- You will need to make up rosary link pearl components that graduate using the wrapped loop technique.

How To Do The Wrapped Loop Technique:


Step One

Put a small pearl on a headpin and holding the headpin with the round nose pliers to create a space above the pearl (this will leave room for your wraps) bend the head pin to a right angle.


Step Two

Move the pliers as the picture shows.


Step Three

Push the headpin over the top prong of the pliers so that it is facing towards you.


Step Four

Reposition the pliers (using the same point of the pliers to make your loops consistent) bend the headpin to point downwards.


Step Five

Continue to bend the headpin so that it now points away from you.


Step Six

At this point add on your pearl wrapped loop element so the it sits in the loop.


Step Seven

Place one prong of the pliers back into the loop and wrap the wire all the way around the headpin at the base of the loop you have just made.


Step Eight

Wrap the wire all around the headpin again creating two wraps and cut away the excess wire close to the wraps. Press down any sharp edges the flat nose pliers

How to make the Bohemian Bridal Bracelet:


Step Nine

Using the wrapped loop technique as in steps one to eight make a rosary link of 5 graduating pearls for the centre drop.


Step Ten

Make several rosary links of the two graduating pearls to add on to the sides of the central drop and add them on for a fuller clustered look.


Step Eleven

Make up several rosary links in graduating lengths.

Using the length of beading thread, thread on a seed pearl a 2mm spacer bead, a 4mm pearl, a spacer bead, a single seed pearl on a wrapped loop headpin, a spacer pearl, a 6mm pearl, a spacer bead, a single seed pearl on a wrapped loop headpin, a spacer pearl, a 6mm pearl, a spacer bead, your first rosary link element etc. Keep threading on your pearls, spacer beads and rosary links in graduating order until you have enough length to complete your bracelet


Step Twelve

Thread a crimp bead, a wire guardian, one side of the toggle clasp to one end of the beading thread. Crimp off the crimp bead and cover with a crimp cover. Repeat on the opposite side to add the other side of the toggle clasp to complete the bracelet.

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