Skill Level: Beginner


How to create a pansy pendant

pansy pendant

Step One

Thread four of your 10mm beads onto a necklace length piece of beading thread, then take another 10mm bead and pass both threads through it in opposite directions and pull tight into a flower shape.

Step Two

Add 7 x 4mm beads to your right hand thread then pass the end through the other side of the same 10mm bead that your thread is sticking out from to create a loop or 'petal'

Step Three

Using the same thread, pass it through the next 10mm bead. Add 6 x 4mm beads then loop back through the last 4mm bead of the previous petal, as well as the 10mm bead. You should now have two complete petals.

Step Four

Repeat step 3 until you have 4 complete petals

Step Five

Pass the thread you have been working with through the last 10mm bead, and feed the original left hand thread through the same bead in the opposite direction. Now pass each thread through the nearest 4mm bead of the petals either side.

Step Six

Add two 4mm beads to each thread and then to finish the Pansy pass both threads in opposite directions through one more 4mm bead. This completes the fifth petal and you can tie on a central 8mm bead using monofilament if desired. Add any beads of your choice and a clasp to complete the necklace.

pansy pendant tutorial step 1
pansy pendant tutorial step 1
pansy pendant tutorial step 1
pansy pendant tutorial step 1
pansy pendant tutorial step 1
pansy pendant tutorial step 1
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