Skill Level: Beginner
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9k Rose Gold: A little bit of luxury

Tip One

When using high end gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Tanzanite it's always a good idea to use equally high end findings. Our new range of 9k Rose Gold findings are simply divine and complement any such gemstone.

Tip Two

You can use findings for roles other than that which they are intended, for example crimp beads and Jumprings make very useful spacers, and can emphasise the beauty of a gemstone, especially when the tone of the metal mirrors the tone of the stone such as here with the Rose Gold and Ruby Rondelles.

Tip Three

When creating luxury jewellery it is often advisable to keep the design simple and sophisticated, and allow the quality of the components speak for themselves. For example simply add pearls and ruby rondelles onto beading thread and intersperse rose gold findings as spacers and finish with a classic rose gold bolt clasp to create a luxury bracelet in minutes!

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