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  • Everything you need to know

    As you may already know, the TV signals in Caradon Hill, Cornwall area will be updated on Wednesday 19th June 2019. Most customers will be able to continue watching after a simple retune, though a minority may require aerial adjustment. More information including retune instructions can be found here. These changes may have already affected you from Wednesday 27th March 2019 if you live in the Beacon Hill, Torbay & South Devon areas.If you are in a HD area and have an HD Freeview TV, you will need to retune to ensure you don’t miss out on any jewellery making goodies. Learn more about the change by reading the information below or watching the short video above, it will clearly show you what you need to do, to continue watching JM.

  • freeview
  • Find out if you're in a HD area

    Please note: JewelleryMaker has been listed as a HD channel since 7th January 2019, this link will show you HD channels available from your address - if you can see BBC NEWS HD via the HD tab you will be able to receive JM.

  • Find out how to retune your TV

    Most Freeview HD TVs and Freeview HD Recorders prompt you to retune (rescan) when a change has occurred. Older products need to be manually retuned from time to time. This is usually a straightforward process.

  • Do you have a connected/Smart TV?

    For those of you who don’t have an HD box or aren’t in a HD area, don’t panic you can still watch JM via a connected/Smart TV. You will need to go to channel 73 where you’ll find our sister channel SewingQuarter.

    SIMPLY CLICK on the red button and this will give you the option to watch JM all day.

  • Connect your laptop to your TV

    You can also watch us by connecting your laptop to your TV using a HDMI cable.Head to our website Connect your HDMI cable – one end into your laptop, the other end to the back of your TV and select the correct source using your remote control.

    You’re set to watch us all day.

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